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I’ve been on summer vacaction for a little more than two weeks, and to be honest I’ve been masturbating like crazy. But I think something weird is happening to me. I’m a straight female, but every time I need some motivation to get off, I search on tumblr, and I see girls masturbating and it turns me on, and I always end up cumming to them. This has been happening for about a week? I have been debating lately, if I am a lesbian or I just have a female masturbation fetish. I’m so confused - help?”

It’s not weird! It’s actually pretty common! it’s just because girls are hot! It doesn’t make you a lesbian! And I wouldn’t exactly think of it as a ‘fetish either! It’s just like 'oh hey someone masturbating… OOH I COULD DO THAT TOO!' *plays along*

So now all that’s settled, here’s a video you might like ;)

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